Oman Tourism Forum
منتدى عمان للسياحة
- 26th of February, 2014

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Oman Tourism Forum (OTF) aims to bring together all stakeholders involved in the tourism sector in Oman to share current experiences and to discuss future vision for tourism a vehicle for socio-economic development.

About the forum:

OTF is a one day event organized by the final year students at GUtech tourism department under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Heba Aziz, forum Coordinator.


  • To stand upon the strategic vision for the tourism sector;
  • To stand upon the current performance indicators for the tourism sector;
  • To present recent academic research conducted on Oman tourism sector;
  • To highlight the link between Oman strategic projects and the tourism sector;
  • To highlight the role of SMEs for tourism industry its contribution to regional development;
  • To create better awareness amongst youth, media and Omani public about the economic importance of The tourism for Oman development strategy;
  • To present GUtech as a leading center of excellence in the field;

Who should participate?

We expect the event to be of interest to:

  • Government organizations officials: Ministry of tourism, Ministry of culture and heritage, Ministry of the environment, Public Authority for Investment Promotion and export promotion, Public authority for development of small and medium size enterprise;
  • Civil society organisations such as Environmental Society of Oman and Oman Woman Association.
  • Private sector: Tour operators, airlines, hotels, tourism development companies, SMEs
  • Students, academics and Universities
  • Media

For further information on the event please forum coordinator Prof.Dr. Heba Aziz on OTF@gutech.edu.om



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