Oman Tourism Forum
منتدى عمان للسياحة
- 26th of January, 2015

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Oman Tourism Forum ‘Celebrating Tourism’ aims to create awareness about what tourism can offer as a sector in order to bridge the gap between employers and graduates.

About the forum:

The department of tourism at GUtech is organizing an event called ‘Celebrating Tourism’ as a follow up of last year’s Oman Tourism Forum which will be held on the 26th of January at 17:30 – 20:00 PM.

‘Celebrating tourism’ is an evening to celebrate the many ways in which tourism can enrich communities and the youths. Therefore as an appreciation of the industry, the different organizations that supports Omani youth to explore the tourism sector through offering them many learning opportunities will be recognized.

The event’s guest of honour is Amar Latif, the founder of the first tour operator dedicated to blind travellers “Traveleyes”. He is a dynamic, blind world traveler, entrepreneur, TV actor and director with a unique personal magnetism and an astonishing track record of facing up to major challenge. He is a motivational speaker and well known expert in his field.

We expect the event to be of interest to:

  • Government organizations officials: Ministry of tourism, Ministry of culture and heritage, Ministry of the environment, Public Authority for Investment Promotion and export promotion, Public authority for development of small and medium size enterprise;
  • Civil society organisations such as Environmental Society of Oman and Oman Woman Association.
  • Private sector: Tour operators, airlines, hotels, tourism development companies, SMEs
  • Students, academics and Universities
  • Media

For further information on the event please forum coordinator Prof.Dr. Heba Aziz on OTF@gutech.edu.om



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